Barbecue food

Archer's can help you make your barbecue special. Why not try a butterfly leg of lamb in a juicy marinade? Or stuffed pork chops? If you'd like to chat about ways to make your barbecue better, visit our shop. or take a look at our most recent BBQ leaflet.


Meaty Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Rib Racks
Buy your ribs au naturel, or choose from our vast range
of Marinaded Ribs: Chinese, Hot & Spicy, BBQ, Wild Willy, and many more.


6 oz Steak Burgers
American Burgers
Seasoned Burgers
Chilli Burgers
Pork & Apple Burgers
Minted Lamb Burgers
All burgers above are gluten free


Prime Beef Steaks
Best Rump Steak
Prime Sirloin Steak
Delicious T Bone
Rib Eye Steaks
Flash Fry Steaks
Tender Fillet Steak
Teriyaki Steak




Beef teriyaki kebabs
chicken in sticky maple marinade
lamb marinaded in an asian glaze
pork and lamb Grillsticks - like a mini donner kebab with a seasoned coating


Chicken portions in the following marinades:
Hot and spicy, southern BBQ, sticky maple

Pork Steaks

Tender pork steaks marinaded in various sauces
Pork Parcels
Boneless Pork
Chops stuffed with apple herbs & sausagemeat dusted in a spicy seasoning

BBQ Joints

Various joints can be barbecued.
Pork shoulder and lamb give the best results.
For example: Butterfly Leg of Lamb or Boneless pork shoulder joint.


Alternatively if you want us to provide a BBQ for you in your own home please follow these simple steps.


Step 1.

Choose your meat from our bbq leaflet

Step 2.

Add 50p to every hotdog or burger to include:

Freshly baked rolls from local baker

Selection of sauces (BBQ/Mayo/Mustard/Tomato)

Green salad & sliced tomato

Cheese Slices

Step 3.

Add your salad option from our buffet/salad list on our website

Step 4.

Choose Staff hire option. (staff available Tuesday-Saturday evenings only)

Equipment and staff hire for the evening

2 x staff (maximum 100 x people) £200

3 x staff (100-150 x people) £270

Cooking equipment (BBQ, Gas, utensils etc.)

Archer's branded Marquee to cook in.

Staff only option

(No equipment cook and serve only)

1 x staff (maximum x 40 people) £100

2 x staff (40-100 people) £160