Buffet Food Price List

Let us take the hard work out of your event with our lovely selection of buffet food at reasonable prices.

All products are supplied in bags/boxes or for £1 extra (per platter) you can have them displayed on 14" disposable platters with lids.


Cooked sliced meats

  • Suffolk Smoked Ham
  • Honey Roast Ham
  • Roast Silverside of Beef
  • Roast Turkey
  • Salt Beef
  • Ox Tongue
  • Roast Loin Of Pork

All priced at 70p per slice.



Continental Meats

  • Milano Salami 15p per slice
  • Napoli Salami 15p per slice
  • Chorizo 15p per slice
  • Parma Ham 50p per slice


Buffet finger food

  • Mini baguettes (selection from our cooked meats above) from £1.50 each
  • Puff pastry mini sausage rolls 25p each
  • Our multi award winning cocktail sausages 20p each
  • Chicken Pieces (spicy/BBQ/plain) 60p each
  • Large homemade scotch eggs £1.65 each
  • Small ham and cheese quiche (4" diameter) £2.50 each
  • Small Traditional award winning pork pie £1.85 each (2-4 portions)
  • 1 lb Traditional pork pie £4.50 Each (4-6 portions)
  • 3 lb Traditional pork pie £12.50 each (10-14 portions)
  • Small Pork and pickle pie £1.85 each (2-4 portions)
  • Small Pork and chorizo pie £1.85 each (2-4 portions)
  • Chicken liver and brandy pate £6 per 500g container (8-10 portions)



  • 1 X kilo tub of Luxury Coleslaw with free range mayonnaise £6
  • 1 X kilo tub of Luxury curried coleslaw with sultanas £7
  • 1 X kilo tub of Potato salad with chives and wholegrain mustard £6
  • 1 X kilo tub of Italian style pasta salad with peppers and tomato £6
  • 1 X kilo tub of Green and black olives in olive oil £10
  • 1 X 500g tub of Semi-dried tomatoes in olive oil and herbs £12
  • 1 x Large Bowl of lettice and tomato salad £5

Local Cheese

  • Mrs Temples Walsingham Cheese (hard matured crumbly cheese) 1.79 per 100g
  • Mrs Temples Binham Blue (soft blue veined cheese) £2 per 100g
  • Norfolk Smoked Dapple (smoked cheddar type cheese) £2 per 100g
  • Norfolk White lady 170g cheese (soft Brie like cheese) £4.79 each (£2.79 per 100g)

Other Cheese

  • Snowdonia Black Bomber (very strong smooth cheddar) £1.75 Per 100g sliced or £4.50 per 200g small truckle
  • Halloumi Cheese (semi-hard chewy, white cheese made from cow's, goat's & sheep's milk) £2.25 per 250g piece



sausage rolls

ham platter


an example of one of our platters.