Poultry, Game & Venison

All our meat comes from local farms to help reduce our carbon footprint and is free range where possible.


Free Range Chickens

Supplied by Martins Farm of Hindolveston, Norfolk, the birds are a slower growing, more traditional breed which are kept in small groups. They are reared in small meadows with ancient hedgerows and mature oaks.

The birds are fed on a low protein crumb for the first four weeks, then on home grown corn, with no added growth promoters or antibiotics, up until they are ready at between 13 and 16 weeks.


Free range turkeys, geese and Guinea fowl

Free range turkeys, geese and Guinea fowl are available on request, please see our Christmas foods page for information.


venison Venison has a flavour reminiscent of beef, but is richer and can have a gamey note. It tends to have a finer texture and is leaner than comparable cuts of beef. However, like beef, leaner cuts can be tougher as well. Venison cooked beyond medium rare will take on a heavy gamey flavour.

Our venison is supplied by Bambridges of Watton. All of their venison is locally sourced from various local farmers and estates. The venison is delivered fresh and left to hang for flavour and tenderness then expertly butchered and packed for retail.


Game Birds

Our game birds, such as Pheasant, Partridge, Wood Pigeon, Wild Duck, Quail and Teal are locally sourced.