Christmas Hampers

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Turkeys & Christmas Foods

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Norfolk White Turkey

An excellent quality free range bird with a full breast. Plenty of flavour and tenderness.


Norfolk Bronze Turkey

Similar to the white but have been bred over the years to produce a slightly fuller flavour and an attractive dark bronze feather.

Great Grove Farm specialise in producing quality turkeys and geese just for the Christmas market. The farm is approx 35 acres in size and covered in woodland and grassland which is used to rear the poultry in a stress free environment.

We believe this is the tastiest and most succulent poultry that you can buy. This is achieved through the various traditional methods that they have continued to use over several years of producing quality poultry. Although this is a much more expensive way of rearing and processing compared to today's factory methods, the end result is far superior.

Arriving in May and June direct from the hatchery they are cared for by dedicated stockmen who take pride in their work. Once old enough the birds are left to wander in ancient woodland and, as with the geese, basically do as they please, living naturally. They have access to straw-bedded barns at night, but quite often choose to sleep outside depending on the weather.

Everything is dry plucked and hand finished on the farm, graded and hung in large chillers (minimum 10 days) to add all the natural flavours that this type of production depends on. The premises is regularly inspected by the EHO to comply with all the rigorous standards.


Norfolk Black Turkey

A Rick Stein food hero! Full on flavour, a bit gamey with a smaller breast and finer texture, a real experience.

For four generations the Peele family has been rearing the Norfolk Black turkey, a breed that they saved from extinction. The Norfolk Black originated in South America and was introduced to Europe by the Spanish explorer Pedro Nino around 1500. It has striking jet-black plumage, but the Norfolk Black is most celebrated for its finely-textured meat which has a slightly gamey flavour.

They allow our turkeys to mate naturally and all the poults are reared outside and allowed to mature slowly. The feed is mixed on the farm using their own home-grown wheat, barley, oats and beans and whole corn is fed to add a 'bloom' to the finished birds. All our turkeys are free range, additive and antibiotic free and are reared on organic meadowland. To enhance these traditional rearing methods we hand pluck and hang our birds for at least a week, and every turkey is prepared for your table by hand. An average oven-ready weight of 10-12 lbs (hens) and 18-21 lbs (stags) is normal for the Norfolk Black turkey.

Turkey Storing & Cooking

As soon as possible after collecting your turkey, remove all packaging and store in a cool place, preferably the bottom of your refrigerator. Remove the giblets if they are inside and keep separately in the cool. The bird is best cooked within two to three days of purchase.

•  If your turkey is trussed, it is best to remove the string before cooking.
•  Do not stuff the cavity, as this will stop the turkey cooking properly. Instead, place a large Bramley apple or peeled onion inside.
•  Sprinkle the bird with salt and pepper then place it breast side down (covered with foil if you prefer) in a roasting tin. The oven should be pre-heated to 230°C/450°F/Gas mark 8 and the bird cooked at this temperature for 30 to 60 minutes depending on size, before reducing the heat to 190°C/375°F/Gas mark 5. Aga hot oven.
•  Gravy always tastes better if the turkey giblets are used to make it. However it is recommended that the liver is not used as it may give the gravy a slightly bitter flavour. Instead, lightly sauté the liver in butter, chop and add to stuffing.
•  About 30 minutes before the end of cooking, open the foil if used and turn the bird carefully on to its back to brown the breast.
•  It is very important not to overcook a turkey – many people do and are then disappointed when it is dry. This can be avoided by testing with a fork on the inside of the thigh – when the juices run clear the bird is ready.
•  After removing the turkey from the oven and before carving, allow it to rest for 15 to 20 minutes.




Cooking Guide (ovens vary)


Weight     Without foil    With foil
Kg lb   Hours  Minutes   Hours Minutes
4 8.8   1' 50"   2' 35"
5 11.0   2' 10"   2' 55"
6 13.2   2' 30"   3' 15"
7 15.4   2' 50"   3' 40"
8 17.6   3' 10"   4' 00"
9 19.8   3' 30"   4' 25"


Size guide, pounds to kilos (approx)

10lb  =  4.5k              14lb  =  6.5k              18lb  =  8.5k
11lb  =  5.0k              15lb  =  7.0k              19lb  =  9.0k
12lb  =  5.5k              16lb  =  7.5k              20lb  =  9.5k
13lb  =  6.0k              17lb  =  8.0k              21lb  =  10.k

The smallest turkey that we take orders for is a 4.5k bird.  Remember when ordering, these birds are in high demand and we will endeavour to supply as near to your choice of size.  To allow for a good meal with a nice amount of sandwich and buffet meat for boxing day, allow around 750g per person and 1 kilo for carcass and giblet weight (eg. 4.5 kilo bird to feed 4-6 people).  This will ensure a satisfying amount of juicy, succulent meat for the main meal with plenty to satisfy at a later time.  Remember to refrigerate any leftovers as soon as possible.

We supply only whole turkeys.  We buy whole from the farm and think that by only using the breast meat, it goes against the ethos of free range farming.  However, if a turkey crown is required, by purchasing the whole bird, we can ‘crown’ it for you. (Packaging the legs for use in the New Year).

Having a party this Christmas?

Take a look at our top quality buffet food. Make it easy on yourself - let Archer’s provide the buffet!


Free Range Geese

Supplied to us from Great Grove Farm using the same high standards as their turkeys to produce an outstanding bird of exceptional flavour and tenderness.


Free Range Chickens

Supplied by Martins Farm, Hindolveston Norfolk, the birds are a slower growing, more traditional breed which are kept in small groups. They are reared in small meadows with ancient hedgerows and mature oaks.

The birds are fed on a low protein crumb for the first four weeks, then on home grown corn-with no added growth promoters or antibiotics, up until they are ready at between 13 and 16 weeks.

(St George's) Barn Reared chickens

The St George birds are reared in smaller flock sizes by individual farmers who are passionate about the welfare of thier animals.  The birds not only have far more space around them than other more intensively reared birds, but also enjoy enriched conditions such as perching and being able to rest during natural periods of darkness. 



Christmas Puddings

We are proud to sell the award-winning Coles Christmas Puddings. Made to the original secret family recipe. A rich pudding, with a light texture and a distinctive depth of flavour. The memorable taste is created by using Old Growler Suffolk Ale, copious amounts of fruit and a unique blend of spices.


Make your Christmas extra special this year with Archer’s quality turkeys and Christmas foods.