Large Meat Box

Perfect meat box for a family of four

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Beef Joint

Loin of Pork

Leg of Lamb

Whole Chicken

Large Meat Box
16 x Traditional Pork Sausages
1 kilo Lean Mince
4 x Pork steaks
16 x Rashers Back Bacon
4 x Chicken fillets
Choose from:
1 kilo joint Topside beef,
1 kilo boneless leg of lamb,
1.5 kilo boneless loin of pork,
or chicken

Suitable for Baking, grilling or pan frying. Also suitable for freezing. For inspirational recipes please refer to our recipe page.

Serves a family of four comfortably

Sausages - Ingredients : Pork (85% actual lean meat) ,RuskWHEAT Flour,salt, Water, Spices,Natural casings,SULPHITES,E221,E621,E450ii Bacon - Ingredients: Pork,Salt,Sugar,E250,E251,E301,SULPHITES Mince Chicken fillets Joint of your choice