Our BBQ meats are all prepared from scratch on the premises. We like to keep things fairly simple and let the meat do the talking. We only season our beef burgers with salt and pepper and have a good fat to lean meat ratio making them really juicy. The kebabs are made with prime cuts of meat that remain tender even when cooked quickly. Our ribs are cut to a very good size so that no one goes hungry! Nearly all of our marinades are from the Pure Verstegan range making them Gluten free.

Norfolk Smoke Pit Rubs Prices start from: £8.95
Premium BBQ rubs

Norfolk Smoke Pit Rubs
Jacobs Ladders Prices start from: £17.00
Whole set of Jacobs Ladders (approx 2 kilos)

Jacobs Ladders
St louis spare ribs Prices start from: £17.00
whole set of St Louis spare ribs

St louis spare ribs
Boston Butt £10.00 per kg
rindless pork shoulder on the bone

Boston Butt
Thors hammer Prices start from: £28.00
Thors hammer or "french trimmed shin on the bone"

Thors hammer
Flat Briskett £16.00 per kg
Flat Brisket or "Packer brisket"

Flat Briskett
Angus & Oink BBQ rubs & sauces Prices start from: £5.50
Speciality BBQ rubs & Sauces

Angus & Oink BBQ rubs & sauces
Baby Back Ribs Prices start from: £3.00
Rack Of Pork Ribs

Baby Back Ribs
Oriental Chicken Kebabs Prices start from: £2.50
Oriental Chicken Kebabs

Oriental Chicken Kebabs
Indonisian Pork Kebabs Prices start from: £2.50
Indonisian Pork Kebabs

Indonisian Pork Kebabs
Greek Lamb Kebabs Prices start from: £2.95
Greek Lamb Kebabs

Greek Lamb Kebabs
Argentinean steak Kebabs Prices start from: £2.95
Argentinean steak Kebabs

Argentinean steak Kebabs
Morrocan Lamb Koftas Prices start from: £7.00
Moderately spiced Minced Lamb kebab

Morrocan Lamb Koftas
BBQ Chicken Legs Prices start from: £0.95
Marinaded Chicken Legs

BBQ Chicken Legs
Mexican Pork Steaks Prices start from: £2.85
Spicy Tender pork steaks

Mexican Pork Steaks
Chinese pork steaks Prices start from: £2.85
chinese pork steaks

Chinese pork steaks
Minted Lamb Leg steak Prices start from: £3.50
Minted lamb steaks

Minted Lamb Leg steak
Mediterranean Chicken Fillets Prices start from: £3.50
Mediterranean marinade

Mediterranean Chicken Fillets
Garlic and Herb Spatchcock Chicken Prices start from: £8.95
BBQ Spatchcock chicken

Garlic and Herb Spatchcock Chicken
Lemon Chilli & Ginger Spatchcock Prices start from: £8.95
Marinated spatchcock chicken

Lemon Chilli & Ginger Spatchcock
Jamaican Jerk spatchcock chicken Prices start from: £8.95
Jamaican Jerk spatchcock chicken

Jamaican Jerk spatchcock chicken
Hot Chicken Wings £8.00 per kg
Hot Chicken Wings

Hot Chicken Wings
Minted Lamb Riblets £13.00 per kg
Boneless breast of minted lamb

Minted Lamb Riblets
Steak Burgers Prices start from: £2.75
60z Premium beef burger

Steak Burgers
Vegan Nut burgers Prices start from: £4.00
Vegan Nut Burgers

Vegan Nut burgers
Prime Beef Burgers Prices start from: £5.50
4 x 4oz Prime Beef burger

Prime Beef Burgers
Minted Lamb Burgers Prices start from: £5.50
4 x 4oz Minted lamb burgers

Minted Lamb Burgers
Chinese Spare ribs Prices start from: £2.95
Chinese Spare ribs
BBQ Spare Ribs Prices start from: £2.95
BBQ sauce infused meaty pork ribs

BBQ Spare Ribs
BBQ Baby Back Ribs Prices start from: £3.00
BBQ Baby Back Ribs

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Plain Spare Ribs Prices start from: £2.60
Pork Spare ribs

Plain Spare Ribs