Smoking meats, Rubs & sauces

Jacobs Ladders Prices start from: £20.00
Set of Jacobs Ladders (4 ribs)

Jacobs Ladders
St louis spare ribs Prices start from: £20.00
whole set of St Louis spare ribs

St louis spare ribs
Boston Butt £10.50 per kg
rindless pork shoulder on the bone

Boston Butt
Thors hammer Prices start from: £30.00
Thors hammer or "french trimmed shin on the bone"

Thors hammer
Flat Briskett £16.50 per kg
Flat Brisket or "Packer brisket"

Flat Briskett
Angus & Oink BBQ rubs & sauces Prices start from: £7.95
Speciality BBQ rubs & Sauces

Angus & Oink BBQ rubs & sauces
Baby Back Ribs Prices start from: £2.50
Rack Of Pork Ribs

Baby Back Ribs