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Beef Joint

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Whole Chicken

Medium Meat Box 12 x Traditional Pork Sausages 500g Lean Mince 2 x Pork Steaks 12 x Rashers Back Bacon 2 x Chicken fillets Choose from: 1 kg joint topside beef, 1 kg joint boneless loin of pork, or a large chicken

Suitable for Baking, grilling or pan frying. Also suitable for freezing. For inspirational recipes please refer to our recipe page.

Serves two-four people

Sausages - Ingredients : Pork (85% actual lean meat) ,RuskWHEAT Flour,salt, Water, Spices,Natural casings,SULPHITES,E221,E621,E450ii Bacon - Ingredients: Pork,Salt,Sugar,E250,E251,E301,SULPHITES Mince Chicken fillets Joint of your choice