Haggis is supplied by Macsweens of Edinburgh.
They are famed for their traditional haggis known throughout the world. They use natural flavours and skins to produce the most famous of Scottish dishes.

Black Pudding is supplied by Fruit Pig company.
This small producer has been growing rapidly since introducing their now famous fresh blood black pudding and we are proud to stock them and call them our friends.
Their international winning recipe is made with fresh pigs blood and has a great balance of ingredients.

From: £ 1.95 beef suet

beef suet

Beef suet
£ 5.00 per kg Pigs Liver

Pigs Liver

Pigs Liver
£ 7.00 per kg Ox Liver

Ox Liver

Ox Liver
£ 7.00 per kg Lambs Liver

Lambs Liver

Lambs Liver
£ 12.00 per kg Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver

Chicken Livers (sold frozen)
From: £ 7.00 Calves Liver

Calves Liver

Calves Liver
From: £ 0.50 Fruit Pig Black Pudding

Fruit Pig Black Pudding

Amazing Award winning fresh blood black pudding
From: £ 2.50 Macsween Haggis

Macsween Haggis

Award winning traditional Scottish dish
From: £ 4.50 Fruit Pig White pudding

Fruit Pig White pudding

An alternative to black pudding,